Skin Lightening Cream Becoming Popular in Ghana

Advertisement for "Body White," a skin lightening cream, in Kumasi, Ghana

It pained me to watch commercials in Accra advertising skin lightening cream. It was even more difficult as I rode past several large advertisements on the busiest streets of Kumasi. I do not agree with these types of products at all.

In many places in the U.S., skin color has been a big issue, especially among African American woman. Everyone has heard the phrase “You are pretty for a dark skin girl.” People have been known to view light skin people as prettier and therefore, will sometimes treat them better. Being that there are majority dark skin people in Ghana and in many parts of Africa, I would not think skin color would be a major issue. A few Ghanaian men shared with me that it is becoming very popular among women; a lot of them are feeling pressured to use it. I cannot say I am completely shocked, but it just doesn’t make sense to me. There are beautiful dark skin brothas and sistahs everywhere in Ghana, so who are they comparing themselves to? Whose standards of beauty are they trying to live up to? I don’t know, maybe it’s a Western influence.

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Skin Lightening Cream Becoming Popular in Ghana

  1. Felicia Purcell says:

    Tyra Banks addressed this issue and your Cousin Kim informed me of her disappointment of this issue went visiting Africa. Agreed, where is the influence coming from. Non people of color spend millions each year on sun tanning products, yet we are born with this skin and don’t want it. It would be interesting to get a quote from a woman who bleaches. I would like to know what her ‘ideal’ skin tone is and whether she thinks your tone gives your more opportunities. I would also like to know if there is a lot of ‘creamy crack’ being used to straighten their hair. From one writer to another, you are a wonderful observer and fantastic writer. Aunty is so proud of you…My little ray of light. Laughs and Love, Aunty Fee Fee.

  2. jene says:

    we just talked about this today in my human sex class and alot of people were shocked to know that this was happeneing in africa…..soo im glade is aw this on your blog so i can show them…

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